What Take Our Kids to Work Day can do for students
  • Take Our Kids to Work Day is a “day in the life” experience that helps students to find out what they want to do in the world of work and what they don’t want to do – which can be just as important.
  • Take Our Kids to Work Day provides students an opportunity to connect with people in the world of work, which is important to help them adequately make decisions and explore options when it comes to career planning.
  • The experience has the potential to reveal intersection points between different subjects and interests in a way that is not always possible in high school where subjects are often separate. For some, finding out that they can apply their strength in math to their love of sports in a job as an accountant for a sports company, is a discovery they might never have made at school.
  • Take Our Kids to Work Day provides experiential learning opportunities for young people. They get to experience a day in the life of an employee, going beyond a title and finding out what somebody actually does all day long in a particular job.
  • High school students get to hear straight from the horse’s mouth what skills employers are looking for to be successful in the working world. Take Our Kids to Work Day validates the messages they have been getting from teachers and parents.

Where can students go for the day?

There are many ways that you can participate in Take Our Kids to Work Day:

  • Spend a day on the job with your parent.
  • Ask a relative, neighbour or family friend if they can host you at their workplace.
  • Speak with your principal, career studies or co-op teacher if they can assist you with finding a suitable placement.
  • Ask the parent of another grade 9 student who is participating if you could join them for the day.
What do students say about the program?

When asked, "Would you reccomend this program to others?" students responded:

  • I would recommend this program to everyone because you never really know what something is going to be like until you've experienced it first hand.
  • Yes, it was a good chance to see what you could be in the future.
  • Yes, it is a very good program and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in nursing. I guarantee that you will come home with a new appreciation of nurses and their roles in the community.
  • Yes, I think it is very educational and fun at the same time. Who wouldn’t want to do this?
Take Our Kids to Work at the fire department
Take Our Kids to Work at the hospital